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How to get Udemy courses for free? expand_more

It is as easy as just 5 steps.

1) Open UdemyFree,

2) Select a course that you want to get for free,

3) Click "Get this course" to see it's details,

4) Click on "Own this course".

5) After you own this course you can go to "My courses" page to obtain this course on your udemy account directly inside of original udemy website by clicking "Open on Udemy".

Is there any chance my udemy account getting restricted or banned? expand_more

No. You are totally fine while using coupon codes. Those codes are 100% legit and are being approved by Udemy itself after the course owner generates them.

Is this legal? expand_more

Yes, absolutely. This service provides you with coupon codes which are made by the owner of the corresponding courses. Service is totally safe and legal. All the codes are being made by the course owners themselves.

Some courses are not free, what is going on? expand_more

UdemyFree can provide users with coupon codes to get desired course for free. But each coupon code has a usage limit. For example if a coupon is made for let's say, 100 individual usage, after 100th usage coupon code becomes expired. Those coupon codes are being created by the courses' respective owners, there's no magic involved. Hence, we can't make those coupon codes, we are not the ones who decides the validity amount.

Why you suddenly added ads? expand_more

I didn't made this project for earning any money, these ads are only added for making enough money to pay domain free and maybe upgrade hosting (currently hosting plan is terrible, I try to optimize code as much as possible to make pages load faster). I do not take donations and I'm never going to ask for money. The ads are not irrelevant or disturbing. Hope you will understand and thank you for using UdemyFree.